Speacial Women Trips by Ravers Exeditions

Ravers Expeditions arranges the best trekking tour as well as the best rafting in India not just for the men but for the women as well. We additionally give visit bundles and trips arranging administrations for foreign women’s group and solo female explorers that go to India. Ravers Expeditions is a fun and safe route for a woman voyager, to meet, associate, and bond with other woman explorers, enthusiastic about finding and seeing the world.
Our trips are carefully made encounters consolidating landscape, history, culture, and shopping, all at famous and attractive places. Our expeditions are altogether looked into to guarantee a bona fide experience of every goal. A RAVERS EXPEDITION guide goes with you on your wanderings to deal with all the low down abandoning you allowed to genuinely drench yourself in the place.
RAVERS EXPEDITION guarantees a 'room share' course of action and matches voyagers in light of their different advantages and inclinations. We additionally take uncommon tend to those clients with unique dietary needs like a veggie lover; we take extraordinary care to see you get the best food choices to coordinate your sense of taste.

So what are you girls waiting for? Come join us as we are the best adventure tour operators in India. The packages of women that we offer are as follows:

Julley Ladakh (Visit to Ladakh)

Ladakh Himalaya

Rs 19,800 (ex srinager) avg/person

Yoga Retreats in Himalayas

Uttarakhand Himalaya

Rs 12,000 avg/person

Wet and Adveture Plan

Uttarakhand Himalaya

Rs 11,000 avg/person

Some more Women Trips

Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla Peak Summit Trek

Uttarakhand Himalaya

Rs 13,200 avg/person

Stok Kangri Lake Trekking Expedition

Ladakh Himalaya

Rs 21,000 avg/person

Zanskar Rafting Expedition

Ladakh Himalaya

Rs 49,500 (ex leh) avg/person

The above-mentioned packages of Uttarakhand trekking, Himalaya rafting and adventure plans each have different rates and most of these are in Uttarakhand Himalaya and Ladakh Himalaya. So ladies, pack your stuff and get ready to explore the beauties of India, encounter and have a blast! This is your time! Revive yourself, and make the most of your "personal time". For all you beguiling women, Ravers Expeditions brings all around arranged visits that incorporate a variety of exercises and recreation time alongside deliberately chose facilities, educated aides, and a sheltered travel encounter. Be a part of these special tour packages for the women in India and for the foreigners as well.
Our past client’s experiences shared their views that why do women travel together with other women or with the ones they know.

Why do women love to travel together?

Women travel together for different reasons. In their own words, it's fun, sheltered, agreeable, non-aggressive, and calm. At the point when women travel together with other women, they can concentrate on themselves for a change. There is nobody else they need to support or deal with, aside from themselves.
At the point when women go with other females they conquer their feelings of dread, let go off their hindrances, and permit themselves to be genuinely free. Girls of today venture out together to revive their psyche, body, and soul. The accompanying of similar mindset women makes a space where giggling, correspondence, sharing insider facts, and discussing issues are agreeable. What's more, whether one needs to go shopping, or visit a spa, or go to social exhibitions, there will be other women who'll be excited to participate.