Skiing in Auli Uttarakhand

Known as the Ski Destination of India, Auli is located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand at the height of 2500 to 3050 meters above the sea level. The place was recognized as a tourist spot after Uttar Pradesh was split into another state, Uttarakhand - Devbhumi or the Land of Gods. The place is awe-inspiring with its spectacular view of the coniferous and oak trees covered in snow. The slopes of the gigantic Himalayan in this region are perfect for skiing. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited and Uttarakhand Tourism Department organizes winter sports competition in Auli to promote skiing in India.
Auli is located in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand; it has the Asia’s longest cable car - Gondola which is 4 km in length. It has many interesting trek routes, Kuari Pass being the most famous of it.
We ‘Ravers Expedition’ are the best adventure tour organizer in India. To enjoy the winter sports of Auli you can join us on our expedition.
The best time to visit Auli is during the winter season, that is, from January to March when the place attracts many adventure sports junkies. Also, during the month of September Mata Mrutika, Mela is celebrated here which attracts many devotees. The place holds deep spiritual significance as well. First of all, it lies on the route to Badrinath; also there is a small Hanuman temple in Auli which is said to have a connection with the Hindu epic Ramayana. Other than this, there is a famous training facility of Indo – Tibetan Border Police which is responsible for guarding Indian borders.
The Himalayan range which has an altitude of 11000 ft has enough height to excite not just the amateur ski enthusiasts but also the professional ones. The slopes are vast enough with long descents to provide excellent skiing experience. Most of the ski resorts in India are confined to the western part of Himalayas, that is, in Uttarakhand which is high enough to be layered by snow during the winters as well as easily accessible. Also, there are many places to visit in and near Auli. Here is the list of the places you can go to –

    Plaaces to visit in nearby Auli:-
    • Artificial Lake
    • You can view some of the peaks like Mana, Kamet and Nand Devi which is the tallest of all.
    • Kuari Pass Trek
    • Vishnu Prayag
    • Joshimath
    • Badrinath
    • Tapovan

The trip to Auli is a 6 Day long trip in which you will be trained to ski by our professionals. Our Day 1 starts from Haridwar, from where you will be picked up and then will be taken to our ski destination Auli. The next 2 - 3 days you will be briefed about skiing and trained by our professional instructors. On the fifth day, our instructors will take you to the advanced slope which will be much steeper and longer than our beginner’s slope. This will be your chance to your show off your skills. The last day will be the day of the return, we will drop you back to Haridwar.


Day Itinerary

  • Day 1
    Arrival Auli
  • :-
    You will be picked up from Haridwar and after 280 kms drive through the scenic Garhwal Himalayas, you will reach your skiing destination Auli in 7-8 hours. You can relax at the clean and comfortable guest house.
  • Day 2
    Auli (skiing)
  • :-
    After an early breakfast, you will be introduced to our experienced skiing instructors. They will ensure that you learn the basics of skiing during the course. You will slip, slide, fall and bang but have a lot of fun. You will learn ‘walking’ all over again, as doing it on snow with skis is a totally different experience. You will also pick up some key sliding techniques over the beautiful snow clad earth. At the end of an eventful session, the most important thing you will understand is learning from your falls.
  • Day 3
    skiing briefing
  • :-
    Today is same as the previous day, you’ll just fall less, we guess. After a round of instructions, you begin to balance on the skies. You will now be able to stand on the skis and learn to apply breaks on your own. The first few rounds will all be about crash landing at the end of the slope. Mind you, these sessions will also be marked by many fall and recovery incidents.
  • Day 4
    Skiing lessons
  • :-
    It’s the day to move ahead. You learn how to move forward on a gentle slope. You will perfect your parallel turns and snow plough turns. The snow plough turn is a braking and turning skiing technique, usually taught to beginners. The front tips of the skis are brought together and the tails pushed wide apart, with the knees rolled inwards slightly. By applying pressure against the snow with the edges of the skis, speed is reduced and the skier can stop completely.
  • Day 5
    Skiing lessons
  • :-
    Here’s the final day of skiing and your chance to show-off your mastery with the skis. Your instructor will take you to an advance slope. This slope is much longer than the beginner slope, and you will definitely gain a lot of speed while sliding on it. Your instructor will be with you for the entire duration to help you perfect your ski runs.
  • Day 6
    Return to Haridwar
  • :-
    After an extensive learning program, you plan your trip back. We’re sure your freshly carved ski lines will be a part of your most cherished memories. And you’ll return to experience ice cold winds running through your hair and powdery snow flakes caressing your face, once again.
  • Instructions:
    Choose to wear proper fitting ski boots that will help you keep warm.
  • :-
    Don't wear very thick socks or more than one pair, as this will hamper your blood circulation and your feet might become cold again.
  • :-
    Wear ski pants instead of jeans or sweatpants.
  • :-
    Wear waterproof jackets and gloves.
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