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Rishikesh River Rafting gives amysticism united with adventure

Planning for a recreational tour and love the adventure in your life? Thenwhat are you waiting for… just choose the best destination and enjoy the River rafting as it is the only activity that delivers a magnetize fun!

  • Rishikesh, Zanskar , Manali, Leh (Ladakh), Kundlika (Mumbai) Haridwar, Pahalgam are the top destinations of River Rafting in India.

  • Can you ever imagine a place legendary for its spirituality value can also be eminent for adventure? Yes, indeed… basically known as the land of sagas, Rishikesh is a small beautiful town nuzzled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas of the Garhwal region, where you can witness the deep roots of cultural and spiritual significance embedded with audacious possibilities. Situated on the shores of sacred River Ganga, Rishikesh magnetizes thousands of pilgrims’ every day from every corner of the world. The location amid the mountains and traverse by the calm Ganges makes this serene town the paradise not only for yoga and meditation aspirants but various adventurous sports like rock climbing, cliff jumping, camping and river rafting as well. A voyage to Rishikesh is categorically incomplete exclusive of a fling with yours exploratory streaks.

    The river rafting in Rishikesh and other places offers a prospect to spend leisure time with your friends and family and get a memory for whole life. It is an ultimate idea to wake your wild side and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. The starlit sky, leaning figure of grand Himalayas, rippling sound of water, the glistening of bonfire all together makes a package to explore Rishikesh. The rendezvous with natural glory will make you forget everything.

    The challenges in river rafting include tackling the wild white water is the most exciting part. To entice of the wilderness is so invigorating that challenging the vigor of nature appears sensible at that moment. This experience lures you into a reverie generated from the pure adrenaline rush.

    If you have never ever gone for rafting and wondering for a start, then get in touch withRavers Expedition, the adventure sports service provider who guides for tourism and recreation activities. The river rafting is a blissful approach for the urbanities as it not only provides a break from their busy lives, but delivers some peace of mind that is definitely a need of the hour!!

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  • Snow Clad Peak of the Himalaya offers a timeless joy through Trekking!

    Excitement, fun and activities like thrill brings a difference in life. The natural beauty of the adventurous Himalaya delivers an enchanting look and is a crowning glory that attracts a number of people from every corner of the world.

    The difference of beauty can be experienced by trekking in the Himalayas, and gives a breath breaking panorama through its diverse geographical features. The great Himalaya is an ideal destination for the nature lover and also for those who loves to explore more adventurous activities in their life. Many people also plan for holidays as trekking and base camp makes a memorable storythrough experiencing the activities like river rafting, bungee jumping and mountaineering. The lush green valleys, smallcolorful beautiful flowers, lakes and of course the snow cap mountain all together delivers a majestic look. The top destination known for trekking are the great lake trek, Kashmir Trekking, Zanskar Trek, Stok Kangri and a lot more which delivers a precious eye catching beauty of nature. The divine lakes of the beautiful Himalaya builds a spiritual and peaceful breath breaking environment and let the viewer enjoy the picturesque moment that one had never been before.

  • What can be more exciting than climbing to the highest mountain range “Himalaya”. Mt. Everest , K2 , Kanchenjunga , Lhotse I and , Makalu I are the top most destinations that make you feel the difference.

  • Trekking in the Himalayas delivers a story of beauty and walk in the snow surrounding fresh air, unexpected rains and high altitude, health benefits, breaking the record of reaching the Everest at a height of 8,611 meters. The trekking offers break from the daily busy life and difference concept of holiday. If you haven’t explored the serene beauty of nature then you are definitely missing something in your life.To make your time more experiencing, safe and memorable the trekking guide and trainers are there who makes a group of the trekkers and provide complete guidance during trekking like route, atmosphere, weather and suggest what are the essential things that need to be carried during trekking to Himalaya.

    Now, experience a burst of beauty with Ravers Expeditionand meet the paradise on earth whose mountain ranges is spread all across, travelling from the east to the north west on the Asian continent. Kanchenjunga is one among the worlds highest peak located in India.The charismatic views of the challenging trekking point one can enjoy the trekkingin the month of May, June, July, August and September as during these days the atmosphere and climate has a maintained weather and it evolves less risk in trekking.

    Don’t be awaited now pack your luggage and get set go to a trekking agent for planning the best trip you have experienced before, where the rich natural vegetation, flora and fauna all waiting for an unbelievable time.Enjoy the freedom of life by lying in the laps of nature and make a perfect choice by completing your world tour through the Himalaya trek.

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