Flying Air Safari in Rishikesh

We now also offer Flying Air Safari in Rishikesh. We all know the rich beauty of the city and this is an outstanding way of exploring the scenic beauty of nature from the sky where you can enjoy the lush green dense forests or fly over the glittering water of the river Ganga. Ravers Expedition has brought this sport for all those who love adventure and want to experience what it feels to fly up in the sky. We take you to heights one cannot go to normally with the help of powered parachutes flown by our highly experienced and professionally trained pilots. We also lend you some other equipment like para–motors, para–gliders and trikes etc.
Flying Air safari is a way of exploring the natural beauty of a place from the sky with the help of a number of equipments such as para-motors, trikes, para-gliders and powered parachutes etc.
Ravers Expeditions brings a great adventure sport for the adventure lovers who want to fly in the sky. We take you to the heights of the sky with the help of powered parachutes by experienced pilots. These powered parachutes make your experience of flying over the sparkling water of the Ganges and dense green forests worthwhile. Rishikesh is a rich city in regards of natural scenic beauty and that’s why air safari in Rishikesh has become an outstanding way to explore the beauty of Rishikesh from the sky.


What is Powered Parachutes?

Powered parachute is a type of ultra-light aircraft consisting of a motor and wheels with a parachute. Powered parachute is also known as paraplane or motorized parachute and abbreviated PPC. Powered parachute flies at an average speed of 40-60 km per hour. The average operating height for powered parachute ranges between 500 to 1500 feet. PPCs have a very short take-off and landing rolls which can sometimes be less than 100 ft.

What is Bush Flying?

Bush flying involves light aircrafts like Powered Parachutes; that can take off and land on short stretches of rugged terrain. It is usually well suited to explore remote and wild areas or small towns. Air safari throught bush flighting is a new and very successful concept in Rishikesh.

Flying Air Safari in Rishikesh

Flying Air Safari Packages
Kitty Hawk (10-12 Minutes Flight)
Explorer (18-22 Minutes Flight)
Valley Expedition (25-30 Minutes Flight)
Rishikesh Expedition (60-70 Minutes Flight)

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